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Two favorite flavors in one- chocolate and mint! Custom printed candy wrapper contains a hard candy shell that covers a soft candy chocolate mint.
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Similar in shape and texture to our original Scotch Mint, Spearmint Scotch Mints have a minty green kick to them that you won't forget.
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Here is a classy candy that will give you something to chew on. A white, hard outer shell melts away to a chewy mint flavored center.
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Our JUMBO jelly bean is big and tasty! They are about two times the size of a regular jelly bean! Comes in assorted flavors.
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* Pictures of custom printed candy is for illustrative purposes only and may not represent actual size.
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Custom printed candy wrappers with delicious candy inside for pennies each!
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Custom Wedding Candy
Whether you want Personalized mints, promotional candy, wedding mints, personalized wedding favors, or business candy- whatever your reason for wanting customized candy wrappers, Advertisemints has an assortment of delicious candies available.

Purchase custom printed candy wrappers to provide as wedding favors for your wedding or to offer as a tasty treat at a baby shower or pre-wedding party or get together. Customize the candy wedding favor with information about the special date and Bride and Groom, a "save the date" special message or anything at all.
Buttermint Candy
Pastel Buttermints wrapped in a custom printed candy wrapper. Yumm!
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